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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  September 21, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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life is good. i envy you zach zamboni. and we're out. nice end. hello, and welcome viewers in the united states and around the world, i'm natalie allen, ahead, overwhelmed around the world, isis swamping the border with turkey. this is just another crisis at the hands of the islamic extremists. the international community overwhelmed with the influx of refugees caused by isis, here in syria and iraq. also marching for change, tens of thousands of demonstrators across the globe demand urgent action on climate change, also ahead here, the white house beeves up security
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after an armed intruder manages to get to the front door of the president's home. we begin with the advance of isis in northern syria which has forced tens of thousands of people to flee to turkey over the past few days. the officials estimate that 100,000 refugees have arrived since turkey opened eight border checkpoints on friday. people left their homes after isis fighters stormed 60 kurdish villages in syria late last week, refugees have been fleeing to escape the isis militants. they have no idea if they will ever be able to return home. >> reporter: in the searing heat they come in the thousands, descending on the turkish border with what they can carry. these are the syrian kurds, the
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latest of the isis targets. with their villages under siege by isis, they flee because of ethnic cleansing, only to be met by barbed wire and shots. but the turkish authorities relent, adding them in, adding to the already 800,000 refugees already seeking help in turkey. this humanitarian disaster caused by isis is unrelenting and it is affecting the most innocent. refugee camps like this one in northeastern iraq housing approximately 8,000 who managed to escape last month. it was only supposed to accommodate the initial emergency. now these plastic tents a permanent fixture on this landscape. we want to go home, says 20-year-old layla, we want to be back and be protected, life here is very difficult. we don't want to stay.
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this is just another crisis at the hands of the islamic extremist, the international community reeling from the chaos, devastation and the overwhelming influx of refugees caused by isis in syria and here in iraq. the humanitarian agencies say this catastrophe caught everybody off guard. and while the refugees may be safe here, this director knows their future is grim. >> when you look around here, these people, i mean, they're not going anywhere. this is going to be their home. >> yes, and the thing is as you said we don't know when they will go home. these people left their homes, left everything behind. how long we can sustain this assistance and support for these people. >> and with winter fast approaching, the dusty camp will soon be a sea of mud. they are desperately trying to lay more slabs for tents.
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but money has run out and plans to extend are being put on hold. >> so we appeal for the nations, the countries please donate, help, help these people. at least help them live in dignity while they are displaced. >> but for this new mother there is no dignity as she puts her baby to sleep, the shadow unleashed by isis, hell-bent on destroying these communities. northern iraq. so that is one example of let's look at the bigger picture now and the bigger problem as this refugee nightmare continues, carol bachelor is a representative of the u.n. high commissioner for refugees in turkey, joining us on line from ankara, ms. bachelor, thank you
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for joining us, we saw one example of the refugee camp in iraq. you're seeing something unpre unprecedented there in turkey, they say 70,000 kurds have come into turkey from syria? >> reporter: yes, in fact, now the number has increased to now over 100,000 people who have come in the past two and a half days. and there is no indication that that flow will stop. turkey already has an estimated 1.35 million syrians in turkey. as you mentioned earlier, 830,000 of them are registered. so it is an ongoing process even to bring them into the country. but turkey has opened these borders, people have been crossing over. up to nine different border crossings to come into turkey. when they arrive they are put to a security check.
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health check, vaccination given to children who are in need of those. and then people are registered and discussion takes place about where they might be able to go. many have gone to live with family members in turkey. some are living in host communities. there are transit facilities, in schools, in funeral homes, in the parks, with large tents where people can be assisted and a decision can be taken about where they might go. >> right, i just want to say -- with the numbers, 100,000 in the past couple of days does this hopefully -- many can go to stay with people they know. but is this overwhelming the resources and the staff that you have to try to process this many people? >> reporter: well, indeed -- for turkey and in this refugee
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emergency, the syrian emergency turkey has been extremely active. so they have put the full scope of their resources at the disposal of the emergencies, with the turkish red crescent, with the disaster relief agency, with the new refugee law that turkey has adopted. so the refugee agency is helping in this process. but all resources, whether those are from the state, those of the united nations, those who are also involved, they're all being exhausted. and here we are very much making appe appeal. these are unprecedented numbers just in turkey alone. the numbers were 3,000 syrian refugees and iraqi refugees now.
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children need clothing and shoes. and we need a great deal of additional international support. we have had a good infusion of assistance from the united states in the last few weeks. we will call upon others who have given. i think there has been good support from the international community. sadly, the needs keep growing at such a greater rate than the support coming in, and particularly in the case in turkey, where turkey has received percentage-wise, the least amount of humanitarian assistance. so we are making appeal for aid. >> we certainly hope it comes in, because it is just unbelievable as we see that video there. the numbers of people coming in. and as you say there is no question about when it will end. it might just continue. thank you so much, carol
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bachelor talking with us, representative of the u.n. high commissioner there for refugees in turkey. let's now bring in our cnn correspondent ivan watson who has reported extensively from the turkish border. now, as we just heard from her, ivan, the chaos is just unprecedented. you have been there, but it just hard to comprehend. >> reporter: that is right, a flood of people if you can try to imagine what it is like to abandon your home, your livelihood, drag your children on foot in the heat towards another country. i mean, it is really a desperate situation. what has triggered it is that the isis militants have been fighting the ethnic kurds in both syria and in iraq. and in the last week they have attacked a kurdish enclave in syria that is known by the
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kurdish name as kobani, and they have surrounded it on both sides. the only way in or out of that region is the turkish border. now the kurdish militants who have been trying to protect the territory have been battling isis and have been calling for assistance from their kurdish brothers who live in turkey and iraq. and what the turkish border guards have had to deal with is not only the desperate refugees flooding into the border in turkey, but at the same time the kurdish volunteers, probably with the group fighting for 30 years, they are rushing to the border to try to get into syria to help to protect their kurdish brothers across the border in syria. and there in the chaos you had clashes erupting between the refugees and the kurdish volunteers and the turkish border guards who ended up using
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tear gas and water canons amid the refugees against them. and then kurds helping turkish security forces with stones and pelting visiting turkish cabinet members with stones. so just an extremely volatile combustible situation that shows how terrible things are on the syrian side of the border and also how difficult and complicated and tense things are on the turkish side of the border and the state and the long oppressed caught in the middle. >> we certainly hope they will be able to return home, ivan watson, thank you. and now, with demonstrations around the globe, we'll have that for you coming next. why not your eye color? new air optix® colors prescription contact lenses
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welcome back, the u.s. secret service will beef up its presence around the white house. this move prompted by two security incidents over the weekend. in one instance, an iraq war veteran hopped a fence and ran to the north portico doors. you're looking at the video here. in the second incident a new jersey man was arrested after driving up to a security barrier and trying to enter the white
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house by walking up to it. more on the efforts to tighten security at the white house. >> reporter: we know secret service has beefed up patrols and surveillance around the white house. and our latest video shows omar gonzales jumping around the bushes to get around and into the front door making this move even more surprising. >> everybody into the park, right now into the park. >> reporter: two incidents at the white house within 24 hours raising serious questions about security. friday night, the man captured on this cell phone video not only scaled the convenience there he ran up to the front and barged through the front door, identified as 42-year-old omar gonzales. >> they're going to have to do something with the fence even if it is something as simple as curving the bars over to the street side, the pennsylvania avenue side which would make it harder to scale. remember, time buys you more
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help. >> reporter: secret office officers yelled at gonzales to stop but did not shoot. according to the law enforcement official at the time he didn't appear to be carrying anything and may have been mentally signatu disturbed. but now, after research, they say he carried a knife in his pocket. gonzales told a secret service agent that he was concerned the atmosphere was collapsing and needed to get the information to the president. the incident happened just four minutes after the first family had left the white house grounds over the weekend. once he got inside, the officers apprehended gonzales and an ambulance took him to george washington university medical center for evaluation. gonzales is an iraq war veteran who retired on disability in 2012. the washington post reported no k-9 teams were used to chase down the intruder as would have been the standard. >> i've been there for hundreds of fence jumpers and they never
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even make it close. there are multiple dogs and layers of security. there was a failure here. >> reporter: and on saturday, a second security incident. the secret service said a new jersey man failed to stop while driving his car. the man was charged with unlawful entry, happening at 15th and e streets. the secret service says carr did not stop when he was ordered to do so then got out of his vehicle and refused to leave. the secret service reports that before on foot carr had tried to get in a separate entrance but was turned away. gonzales's former stepson said he was suffering from ptsd from his time in the military although it was not confirmed. he said the war quote, messed up his head but he was a great guy who lost his mind serving his country. >> and there in the pike, reporting for us.
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well, tens of thousands of demonstrators around the world are sending a message to the u.n. that urgent action is needed to reverse climate change. rallies were held in london, paris, berlin, bogota, colombia, as well. they will talk on ways to cut greenhouse gas emissions. one of the largest turnouts was in new york where people marched through the streets of manhattan. i talked to chip cummings, the chairman and ceo of the renewable institute. all right, chip cummings joins us now to talk about the march. they were expecting 150,000, some estimates have it that the crowd was doubled that. what was it like being in the mix of the people's march? >> it was amazing. it was just one of the most incredible things that i have ever experienced in new york city or anywhere else, for that matter. the energy was just at the
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highest level of intention and solution. >> what were the people chanting about? what different groups were represented today. i know you're ceo of a nonprofit, the american renewable energy institute. what was represented on the streets of new york today? >> well, mostly people were advocating for a renewable energy and solution to the build-up of carbon in the atmosphere. pretty much across the board. so i would say that by and large it was a demand for our leaders in government and corporate america and the world to actually begin to implement the solutions through wise energy production. >> the climate summit that begins this week in new york, what do you hope they will take
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from this people's march? what are you looking to have happen? or what impact do you hope it will have? >> well, i hope the leaders that are gathering with ban ki-moon on tuesday really take a very hard look at what the people are saying. because now is the time. we're just running out of time. the atmosphere is being packed full of co2 every single year, i believe it is 40 billion tons more than last year and it has just got to stop. it is impacting the weather and the oceans. it is melting the glaciers, and the people understand this. and even little kids were out there today talking about hey, i need a future. >> well, last question, are you frustrated at this point at the slow pace of our adapting to renewable energy?
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>> well, it is frustrating, natalie, to see that we have the solutions. we know that we can produce all the power and energy that we need from the sun, the wind, the energy efficiencies out there. but it is even beyond that. we're now at the point where we need to believe it or not begin to extract the carbon from the atmosphere. and i believe that the ipcc came out in their most recent report suggesting just that. we have the ten technologies th are emerging to do that and we have to get going. but there is no silver bullet, however, there is a lot of silver buckshot and we have to implement all the strategies we have to bring a clean energy for our future and children and future generations to come. >> chip cummings, thank you for joining us, one of the hundreds of thousands of marchers in new york today. well, a controversial nationwide lockdown aimed at
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stopping the spread of ebola is over in sierra leone. but it led to some grim discoveries. more about that coming up next. check out all these airline seats.
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thousands of volunteers knocked on doors to teach people about ebola. but authorities say the campaign also led to the discovery of more than 90 bodies and dozens of new infections. a unicef spokesperson described the latest efforts to raise awareness about the epidemic. >> to get the word out, you have people going door-to-door all over the country talking about the disease. talking about how to keep people safe uncomfortable ta safe. talking about the symptoms, we want people to report to the health authorities if they believe they may be sick or a family member that can be sick so they can get the help that is required. we have songs going on all the radio stations in all 60 languages. we have short dramas on the radio. we have people talking to market women, people talking to news and taxi drivers, using every
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mechanism possible to make sure everybody understands that the threat of ebola is real. but there are very important things you can do to keep yourself safe. >> according to the latest figures from the world health organization there are more than 2600 confirmed or suspected deaths from ebola in west africa and more than 5300 cases of the virus. the vast majority of those cases and deaths coming from guinea, liberia and sierra leone, more also from senegal and nigeria. and it has been weeks since the storm ravaged cabo san lucas. meteorologist pedram javaheri is following more on the weather. >> isn't that remarkable. when i got word this is remnants of the same exact storm system, it kind of shows you the elements of the system stagnant this time of year that kind of
11:26 pm
disabled the system from moving on. even at this hour, south of albuquerque, 1.9 million people in this region that are watching flash flood watches. take a look at the footage out of carlsbad, new jersmexico. we know some over 100 homes receiving reverse 911 phone calls, where rain has been coming down in the southeastern areas of new mexico. significant flooding and even officials warn that companies offering low-cost cleanup operations, be aware of them. because certainly they can be scammers across this region because of what transpired and so much damage left in place. but here is an image to share with you, courtesy of our friends at koattv which is an affiliate in albuquerque, new mexico. how about this? this is a river near carlsbad, new mexico, fish caught in the tree where it shows you how high
11:27 pm
the water was. and the model is still putting down significant rainfall across the chihuahua desert as well as portions across new mexico. one to three inches are expected in the next couple of days. and in the southwestern areas of colorado about half an inch to one inch is possible. they need the rainfall across california, certainly, about an hour's drive east of the state capital of sacramento. a widespread fire known as the king fire was placed here, containment still is at 10%. still some 12,000 residents at risk here. about 33,000 hectores or 80-plus acres of land, you take a look at the drought situation, natalie we talked on the california drought, this portion of california, the extreme drought situation was only about 11%, by the end of last year it
11:28 pm
went up to 30%, the worse case scenario was at zero in the summer months of this year, now at this point this week you see how the entire state is turning a deep red color, not good news, leading to a lot of fires. >> absolutely. that is just horrible. i didn't know it was that severe. and next, a lead on the missing college student, hannah graham. also ahead, isis, ukraine, ebola at the top of the agenda as world leaders gather this week for their annual meeting at the u.n. who's going to make it happen? discover a new energy source. turn ocean waves into power. design cars that capture their emissions. build bridges that fix themselves.
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hectare, hecta . this is cnn. the world's news network . and welcome back to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world, i'm natalie allen,
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here are our top stories, the united nations says at least 100,000 syrians fled over the weekend to turkey to escape the advance of isis. this began after militants stormed villages in northern syria at the end of last week. the nationwide lockdown meant to help stop the spread of ebola in sierra leone is now over. no one was allowed to leave their homes for three days as volunteers went door-to-door to talk with people, educate them about the disease. this outbreak, the deadliest ever, has claimed more than 26 live -- 2600 lives. and tens of thousands marching to show that help is needed on climate change situations. they marched in a variety of places including brazil and bogota, colombia. former u.s. president bill
11:32 pm
clinton said there needs to be u.s. response after the deaths of two journalists, at the hands of isis. >> i have to ask you about isis, i saw you on "the daily show" say you thought we had to respond to these brutal executions. but i want to press us, isn't that what isis wants? wasn't the purpose of isis to bait us? >> no, but there is a difference in, for example, using targeted drones and airstrikes as we did against al qaeda, effectively for years to try to take down their leadership and infrastructure and let them know they can't just decapitate people for the cheap thrill of the global media response and horrifying people and getting away with it, and getting bogged down in the kind of war they
11:33 pm
want us to get bogged down in, which would cost us with greater casualties. which i why i think the president's decision has a chance of succeeding, it is more organized since the fall of saddam. that seems to be an awakening, if you will, the willingness of the sunni tribe leaders participating in fighting. >> the threat of isis will loom large at u.n. headquarters as we mentioned. as richard roth reports, they had plenty of issues to tackle. >> inside this building, they're supposed to get together in harmony. >> the united states will have a beef with russia over ukraine,
11:34 pm
the united states will have a beef with syria, over the terrible violence that has gone on there for years. at times they will have a beef with either side that they feel is not being complied with. this is no surprise, there will be no middle east signing. but they will verbally duke it out. the big battle for gaza now inflaming the situation. i think you will see denunciations, i think you will find a major contest here. it is very rare for a health issue such as ebola to dominate the headlines there at the meeting. the western african leaders will be here, no doubt ebola will be
11:35 pm
a part of their remarks and probably feature global assistance to stop the thread. hillary clinton said one week of the general assembly can take a year off your life. it can be very exhausting. many diplomats there, you have five minutes with this president, two minutes with this foreign minister. presumably they all come with a schedule and goal of what they want to do, but it is a really hurly burly of what they want to discuss. and as the fragile cease-fire in ukraine nears the third week, thousands are gathering to protest. many demanding an end to what their call their government's aggressive strategy. >> reporter: this is the biggest anti-war protest that we've seen in the streets of moscow since the outbreak of incidents in
11:36 pm
ukraine earlier this year. it is difficult to put a number on it. but there are thousands of people who have turned out here in the streets of the russian capital, to voice their oppositions not just to war but to their policies in the neighboring country. >> do you believe this kind of event will make much difference to the policy in the kremlin? >> i'm not sure, but i'm sure it is very important for us to be here. >> why is it so important? >> we may have different ideas about ukraine and putin and russia, and i don't know what. but it is a very important thing that nobody invades in russia, nobody takes our country. so we don't understand why our children must go there to kill and to be killed. >> i don't like what is happening in ukraine. i think it is a disaster. and i want it to be stopped. >> the government here in russia, the kremlin says that its troops are not involved in
11:37 pm
the fighting in ukraine, do you believe that? >> no, no. >> are you sure -- >> there are thousands of people who have come out here to this rally today but all the opinion polls said that vladimir putin has soaring popularity, 85, 86%, this is still just a fraction of the russian population. >> that is the whole idea why we're all here, to show that we are not just 15%, that we are more than that. >> we listened to the opinion polls and it seems that the russian leader is in an unassailable position, 85% or higher. but these protests show that not everybody in this country is for the war in ukraine. not everyone is a putin fan. matthew chance, cnn, moscow. it was a year ago sunday that militants from the islamist
11:38 pm
group al shabab stormed nairobi, kenya, in an upscale mall. at least six people were massacred. this is the scene of the attack. >> this is a day that we gather to remember that fateful day. >> the public joins staff at the market which was at the center of the four-day standoff for the lighting of candles, prayers and remembering the victims. as we mentioned, dozens died that awful day, some 67, but it may have been more had it not been for the actions of the manager of that market. he led customers to safety even as militants were ransacking the aisles of his store. he told his story to us. >> from outside the mall -- you could see people from the mall
11:39 pm
coming towards them. and then everybody was climbing -- saying help us, help us. i met one of the policemen. i saw the policemen in the vest. he asked me do you work here? i told him, yeah, i work here. i work for the market. i told him there were a lot of people. i told him that a lot of people were there, do you know where they are? i told him yes, i know where they are. he told me someone -- someone dies one day, we go in and get these people. running from one corner to the other and even opening the basement door. and even people were agreeing that one of them -- one of our
11:40 pm
escorts, when you tell people wake up and move, they are ready to move. that is the time came -- how do you go out with all of these people there in the different corners of the shop. i knew the way out, i could have gone immediately. but how do you leave these people? you have to open the doors, i told everybody this is the way out. and we took them out of the mall, otherwise the damage would have been enormous. it never passed my mind that i can die, but my mind was how many people can i get outside. if we don't do something, if the government doesn't do something tangible it can happen. these people, you can't stop them with your hands, you can't stop them with one policemen or two policemen standing from the gate. it can still happen. >> pope francis spent sunday in
11:41 pm
albania at a mast. he rebuked militants who act in the name of religion, francis stopped short of calling out any specific groups by name. >> let no one consider themselves the armor of god while planning and carrying out acts of violence and oppression. may no one use religion as a e pretexts with acts that take the right to life. >> it has been two decades since the pope's visit. and ahead here, the parents of hannah graham make a desperate plea for any information that may help to locate their missing teenage daughter. [door bell rings] ♪ [phone rings] hello. introducing wi-fi calling. now every wi-fi connection works like a t-mobile tower.
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go long.
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welcome back, in the u.s. state of virginia authorities have issued an arrest warrant for a man who was last seen with college student hannah graham just before she disappeared nine days ago. as police and volunteers continue searching for the 18-year-old, authorities also search the man's car and apartment. they say he went to police saturday and asked for the name of a lawyer. he then sped away and is now wanted for questioning in her disappearance. graham's parents spoke with reporters sunday. >> sue and i are utterly
11:45 pm
overwhelmed by this support for hannah. and we cannot begin to express our thanks. we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. i think that the reason that hannah has such marvelous support is that this is every parent's worst nightmare. i'm certain that everybody in this room and those watching knows that what happened to hannah could happen to their child. we need to find out what happened to hannah and make sure that it does not happen to anybody else. >> hannah graham was last seen september 13th in an area of charlottesville, virginia, known as the downtown mall. in the state of kansas an 8-year-old girl was able to escape her kidnappers. an alert neighbor spotted the girl walking alone and got some help. two suspects are now under arrest and the little girl is recovering. >> reporter: neighbors tell us 8-year-old samara herrera was at
11:46 pm
her grandmother's house before she went missing. patricia glidewell who asked not to be on camera told the news she heard a report of a missing girl. shortly after she saw a young girl walking outside her home. >> and i realized right there, it was the missing child. >> reporter: glidewell said she asked her what was wrong, and she told her she escaped from this house. >> she said they went in through a broken window. they tied her up and she got herself untied. >> reporter: got herself untied and then looked for help. glidewell says police picked her up here and then she was taken to the hospital. >> scratches on the back of her neck and on her face and her mouth. she looked like somebody had hit her. >> reporter: while police would not provide any details on what happened, saturday night police arrested two suspects.
11:47 pm
28-year-old jeremy jay lindsey and 23-year-old michelle harris for aggravating kidnapping and aggravating child endangerment. 13 news spoke with samara's mother, michelle herrera, she told us police advised her not to be on camera. she says she didn't know lindsey or harris and never thought this would ever happen to her daughter. >> i feel like she saved herself. i'm so grateful she is okay. i think this could have ended up bad. >> reporter: and again, that girl had been missing for six hours when she was found. well, now for the latest on the hunt for a suspected police killer in the u.s. state of pennsylvania. self-taught survivalist eric frein is suspected of shooting and killing one police officer and shooting another in an ambush. police say he spent a long time planning the attack. frein is considered armed and dangerous and police say they found weapons he either tried to
11:48 pm
abandon or tried to hide. the fbi has placed him on its most wanted list and is offering a $100,000 reward leading to his arrest. 400,000 law enforcement officers are involved in the search. >> based on our investigation we know that frein has prepared and planned extensively for months and maybe years. he planned his attack and his retreat. however, we believe we are closing in on him. up until now his advantage has been that this is his back yard and he knows this rugged terrain. our tactical operations people now also know his back yard. the area he once felt safe in. we are pushing him hard. he is no longer safe and i am confident that he will be apprehended. >> schools in the area have been closed since last wednesday. they will remain closed monday due to safety concerns with the ongoing manhunt. the baltimore ravens are allowing fans to exchange their ray rice jerseys for those of
11:49 pm
other players. and more than 7,000 took advantage of the deal this weekend at baltimore's home stadium. the team gave away some 5500 jerseys before running out of inventory. fans who waited for one can get it when it becomes in stock. fans protested him knocking out his then-fiancee in an elevator. ahead, a gun, an amigo, one man's motorbike robbery in argentina all captured on video. musical chairs. fun, right? welllllllll, not when your travel rewards card makes it so hard to get a seat using your miles. that's their game. the flights you want are blacked out. or they ask for some ridiculous number of miles. honestly, it's time to switch to the venture card from capital one. with venture, use your miles on any airline, any flight, any time. no blackout dates. and with every purchase, you'll earn unlimited double miles. from now on, no one's taking your seat away.
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the whole thing was captured on video. they even made a third amigo in the process. here is cnn's jeanne moos. >> reporter: meet the would-be robber with a gun. who doesn't realize he is on camera. >> i completely forget that i had a go-pro on my head. >> reporter: the two canadians are trying to travel to 195 countries but on a bike tour in argentina, watch out for the motorbike. >> amigo. >> reporter: alex thought the guy was just a bad driver until seconds later the robber cut him off again. demanding backpack and pulling a
11:52 pm
gun. alex played dumb, pretending it was the bike the mugger wanted and resorting to one of the few words of spanish he knows. >> amigo! i got to give it to him. >> reporter: but he resisted giving his backpack containing $4,000 worth of camera gear to this friend. >> yeah, amigo, i think i should put an amigo count on the bottom of the video. >> reporter: we counted about 21. alex's real friend and others came to the rescue. >> as i run i hear a girl say oh, my god, he has a gun. >> reporter: too many witnesses apparently scared off the mugger and as alex ran he felt something on his forehead. >> i thought holy cow, i have a go-pro, i'm recording. >> reporter: he grabbed a bike and they flagged down a policeman. now the police have the video
11:53 pm
but they tell cnn the mugger has not yet been identified or arrests. were you scared? >> yeah, of course. >> reporter: that deserved a dumb question counter. and get this, this is the second time in a month that alex was robbed at gunpoint. a few weeks earlier, in ecuador, a guy pointed a gun at alex and took his iphone. >> it became a running joke about how i was getting robbed everywhere we go. >> he is no longer fazed by it anymore. >> i need them to show me bullets. >> reporter: just watch out for your friends. all right, amigos. cnn, new york, jeanne moos. >> those go-pros come in handy. all right, a pesky tropical storm has been causing severe problems in several countries across asia, here is pedram javaheri. >> i am still watching the go-pro.
11:54 pm
and swimming with sharks? that is pretty scary, he didn't seem to be fazed by it. and let's look at what is happening here, the tropical storm that never really made it to anything beyond that the typhoon equivalent of a hurricane. at most this had about 90 kilometer winds, with it, it enhanced the monsoonal moisture, and brought more moisture than in the past couple of years. making more landfall in taiwan, approaching 4 million people on the east coast of china that being shanghai. so this storm system, as unimpressive as it is, the winds, roughly 50 miles an hour it has caused so much damage. about 100 flights were cancelled across taiwan. thousands lost their lives across the philippines. and significant rains across china, as well, the perspective
11:55 pm
looking like this, 400-plus meters out of manila, again, the mess it caused there again the worst we've seen since 2012 with the storm system that was only a tropical storm. it left behind so much damage, paddys, cornfields, millions in losses, 200,000 people across the philippines had to be put in evacuation centers because of the flooding that took place here. and in taiwan, it brought down 40 inches of rain, and again, the concern is as the storm system moves off to the north a lot more people, especially around shanghai will be impacted. but the rainfall totals are looking somewhere on the order of 77 millimeters or three inches. and reports of 5,000 shipping vessels being brought back to port because of what is happening there with the storm system in place across that region. all right, we'll look at areas of western europe. the temperatures are
11:56 pm
summer-like. about 80 degrees farenheit across paris. on saturday afternoon it cooled off to the upper 60s farenheit or 20 celsius. and the cooling trend, i don't know if you noticed natalie, the official first day of autumn arrived. >> yes, of course, counting down, it doesn't feel like it here where we are. >> it will in the coming couple of days. so i know you like to ride your bike to work. >> thank you. and named maven, starring for the mars atmosphere and volati volatile evolution craft. that is catchy. maven will try to study what happened to the climate change. scientists believe water once existed here. and it was a festive weekend in malta as the tiny nation
11:57 pm
celebrated 50 years of independence. britain's prince was there without his wife, catherine. she has acute morning sickness, and that kept her home. she is pregnant with her second child. during her last pregnancy she had a severe sickness and she was hospitalized for that. we hope she gets better soon. well, 100,000 refugees are on the run from isis. >> yes, and i'll be up next, we'll have all the details on that. and as well as the rest of today's news. hope you can stay with us. and for many, it's a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine, what if there was a new class of medicine that
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12:00 am
an unprecedented wave of refugees flee for their lives into turkey creating nothing short of a humanitarian catastrophe. >> the global call for action, hundreds of thousands hit the streets saying action must be taken now on climate change. and the white house, taking new security measures after two separate incidents. and hello and welcome to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. i'm natalie allen. >> it is good to be here. i'm john vause, yemen has a new government, there is a manhunt under way in pennsylvania so there is plenty to get to. and of course there